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Image of 1977.31.360 - Negative

1977.31.360 - Negative

Three boys standing by a touring car which has an American flag in the back window. Car parked on a slope under a shade tree with river in background. B 233 Silver image; gelatin based binder; plastic nitrate support. Rect. Horiz.

Image of 1977.31.189 - Negative

1977.31.189 - Negative

Mrs. Chester Mullen, wearing a long white skirt, white shirt, and hat standing in front of a touring car parked in front of a tree surrounded house. Q 32 Silver image; gelatin based binder; plastic nitrate support. Rect. Horiz.

Image of 1995.18.005 - Negative

1995.18.005 - Negative

1940 Austin-Healy car with dog in back seat. Another car, a man and home in the background. Film, b/w, rect, 35mm

Image of 1977.31.352 - Photograph

1977.31.352 - Photograph

Wrecked 1928 Dodge. The roof is all caved in and there is a man standing on the other side with a hat looking at it. Windows are all broken out. B/W; Horizontal

Image of 1994.36.39 - Neg.

1994.36.39 - Neg.

Man driver, old car, 3 women and 2 children, on slight hillside, house in background, Mr. Frost driving his first car. Film, b/w, horiz., 35mm.

Image of 1996.028.0001 - Photograph

1996.028.0001 - Photograph

Woman standing beside a station wagon. Tower and trees in background. Writing on back “in front of hotel by my car 7 wks before daddy Carr passed away,ect.” Automobile, Transportation Paper,B/W,snapshot,horiz.

Image of 1991.8.603 - Photo

1991.8.603 - Photo

Open Studebaker with shade fixed over driver pulling attachment to harvest wheat, also was used in planting the corn. Paper, b/w, horiz.

Image of 1991.8.607 - Photo

1991.8.607 - Photo

Unknown family standing by car in front of house, trunk of large tree standing between car and house can be seen through open area of car as viewed from side. Paper, b/w, horiz.

Image of 1991.8.617 - Photo

1991.8.617 - Photo

Man standing beside vintage auto, building in right background Paper, sepia, horiz.

Image of 1991.8.618 - Photo

1991.8.618 - Photo

Two men standing by vintage auto in front of building,animal is goat or fawn? Paper, sepia, horiz.

Image of 1991.8.620 - Photo

1991.8.620 - Photo

Vintage auto with hard rubber tires with chains and top down... mired in mud. man standing on far side of car, suitcase tied on passinger side runningboard, trees in background. Paper, b/w, horiz.

Image of 1991.8.625 - photo

1991.8.625 - photo

Family group in touring car. Milford Collection

Image of 1991.8.657 - photo

1991.8.657 - photo

Three men with guns and two vintage autos. Paper. b/w, horz

Image of 1974.13.41 - Unknown

1974.13.41 - Unknown

Automobile with someone in it and cattle behind it. Marx Ranch near Ono. Film; B/W, Vert. 35 mm

Image of 1997.2.62 - Neg

1997.2.62 - Neg

2 autos,large trees in background. “Some of the very first autos to visit our farm. Boosters for better roads from Redding. Friends of Frank F. Brown.” Film,B/W,horiz,35mm

Image of 1997.2.63 - Neg

1997.2.63 - Neg

2 autos, group of people & large trees in background. “Boosters from Redding, friends of papa. We didn’t know they were coming but fed them all for free. Film,B/W,horiz,35mm

Image of 1960.550 - Photograph

1960.550 - Photograph

Man wearing suit and driving automobile with top down in automobile parade, May 1913. Four ladies riding in car fancily dressed, wearing hats, holding umbrellas. Car decorated with two U.S. Flags in front, drapes around sides, garland on wheels. Redding, Shasta Co., Calif. Black and white. Rect. Horiz.